Financial planning and asset management in the Pacific Northwest.

Unbiased advice to help you determine and reach your financial and retirement goals with a customized plan for your situation and risk tolerance.

Yet, as the ancient Chinese wisdom goes, achieving financial and retirement security does not just happen. You have to find a balance between the needs of living today and the need to plan for tomorrow. The stark reality is that the decisions we each make today as we plan for the future — or in some cases, fail to plan — will impact how well we will live in retirement.

It is our business to help you determine and reach your financial and retirement goals. We can make saving an integral, yet painless, part of your life. The result: peace of mind that you are on the right path to financial security.

With more than 30 years of experience, American Benefits' financial professionals serve as advisers, planners and researchers. We assess our customers' unique needs by conducting a thorough portfolio review, and then devise customized plans based on financial goals and risk tolerance. Can you afford to play in the stock market a bit to grow your nest egg, or do you need a guaranteed income stream as you quickly approach retirement? Are you a business owner who needs to optimize an employee retirement benefits package that will also maximize your own retirement earnings potential ?

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